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About us

For more than 10 years, C.R. Millwork has serviced the Greater Washington, DC, area, by providing premium Grade Millwork Installation. 

Our communication with clients is one of the most important tools of our organization. Our customers can to reach us any time by standard phone, cellular and email.

With continued investment in tools, equipment and craftsman, C.R. Millwork has been able to generate revenues that have sustained an average growth rate of 20% per year.
C.R. Millwork's quality will always be consistent, reliable and innovative.


Our progressive agility helps us thrive in an environment of constant and unpredictable change. As an Architectural Installation Company, are capabilities include installation of: countertops, cabinets, wood panels, acrylic panels, crown moulding, window sills and doors. The description of our service is usually found within the 6400 Divisions of the Project Specification Manuals.

Whether a project needs special attention and incredibly short time frame or a very creative approach to a tight budget, C.R. Millwork focuses on the customer's needs to define the project's priorities.  At C.R. Millwork our priority is meeting the demands of our customers by adopting modern installation practices. Agile installation requires an adaptable, innovative and empowered work force, which allow us to: - Meet diligent needs. - Install one- off high quality, Millwork products, and most importantly - Treat our customers as individuals

Please visit our Gallery page to see photos of previous projects.

C.R. Millwork Team

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