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Interior and exterior trim and decorative moldings.
One of the last item done in new project and renovation is the installation of trim packages.& nbsp; Although many contractors can install trim well, there is a difference between installing trim and creating a full trim package.& nbsp; Anyone can cut miters on a saw for fine cuts, but only an experienced few can put together a trim package to complement the design.

Custom Trim Moulding
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Wood Panels

Panels can be installed on walls and ceiling using French cleats, Z clips, or over a substrate. The panels need to be acclimated prior to installation and laid over a smooth, primed surface. The general guidelines is to have a controlled environment where you install acclimated panels following basic procedures appropriate for each system : French Cleats, Z Clips. WE ALLOW THE PANELS TO ACCLIMATE ON-SITE FOR A PERIOD OF 48-72 HOURS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE DEPENDING ON SITE AND LOCATION. WE  Never install Panels below 55F (12°C) and 90F (32°C) due to humidity. The permanent HVAC should be on and done in the environment in which it is expected to perform prior to installation.

Wood Panels
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Windows & Doors
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Windows & Doors 

Experienced window and door installer with good ability to accurately measure and level doors so they hang on hinges appropriately. Experience with all installations on wooden doors and windows of all grades. Experienced with tearing out and replacing old frames and correcting issues from prior bad installations done by others.




The installation of architectural woodwork shall include labor, tools, equipment, adhesives, fasteners, common external blocking, for the support or attachment of the woodwork. The installer shall be responsible for: Receiving and distributing woodwork to the proper location.; Installation of finish hardware not furnished by the manufacturer; & nbsp; Installation of adjustable shelves, standards and brackets on building walls, and shelf clips or pins in cabinets.

Case Work
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Installing a countertop is reasonably straightforward. However, joining two lengths of material to take a countertop around a corner requires more care, since the joint needs to be perfect to create a continuous, flat finish. The best joints can be achieved if you use the right techniques, and make good use of factory-cut straight edges. Joining a countertop material with square edges is easier than if the front edge has been finished with a curved profile.

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