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Interior and exterior trim and decorative moldings.

One of the last item done in new project and renovation is the installation of trim packages.  Although many contractors can install trim well, there is a difference between installing trim and creating a full trim package.  Anyone can cut miters on a saw for fine cuts, but only an experienced few can put together a trim package to complement the design.

Wood Panels

Rustic cabin or city chic, we create custom wood paneling that's right at home in almost any environment you desire. Great for walls, ceilings and a variety of other creative surfaces just waiting to be covered. Barn wood siding is excellent for rustic wall or ceiling paneling. Beams and dimensional lumber can also be sawn to produce excellent skins for a variety of siding, paneling and trim material to be used on walls, ceilings or any other area needing reclaimed wood paneling.

Windows & Doors 

Doors & Windows play a more important role in your home than you might realize. While they are secondary elements in the grand scheme of things, they can add a great deal of architectural detail and style to a house. Close the door on plain vanilla design and open your eyes to the possibility of interior and exterior doors that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable. Architectural Windows, CR-Millwork has door options to suit any lifestyle.




CR-Millwork is dedicated to providing custom-tailored modular casework that meets specific needs and delivers a perfect fit, every time. The CR-Millwork expert team provides guidance and support through every step of the process:


 ●Initial Consultation

 ●Professional Design

 ●Product Manufacturing


 ●Experienced Install

 ●After Sale Install


We have particular experience and expertise in the following applications:






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